sarah_sloboda_photographer_panel2Sarah Sloboda is an award-winning rock-n-roll kids photographer, based in San Francisco. Every year, she travels the world on her Family Photo Tour, serving clients in New York, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and more.

When it rains, it pours, with Sarah Sloboda.

Her high-yield documentary style intentionally reflects the raw, imperfect nature of life and the fleetingness of time.  She trained on film in the vein of Life magazine and parlayed that essence into the digital age. Equal parts filmmaker, essence-finder and moment-capturer, Sarah grabs the story within a split second and frames it up for your contemplation and enjoyment.

Sarah is obsessive. She is a terrible multi-tasker. She does one thing at a time, with laser focus and super-sharp reflexes. She loathes perfection. Instead, she seeks truth and joy. You won’t be hard-pressed to find her silly side. And, you’ll be amazed at how many keepers come out of one of her photo sessions.

For Sarah, keeping a fresh perspective is paramount. She leaves space for spontaneity, and carves out time to meander. To feed her inner muse, she treats life as an explorer, chronicling her observations and revelations in her blog, Hatch.

Her biggest asset is her ability to quickly know the essence of something. She can draw it out, and make it plain for others to see, whether it’s one framed shot, an entire book or slideshow.

Sarah loves a good adventure, and finds adventure in the mundane. Show up to a moment with her and watch what happens. She will grab it, hold it up, celebrate it, and make it so much more than an otherwise fleeting speck of time.



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Sarah holds a BA in Filmmaking from the University of Michigan. She is a published writer, and was once the Production Coordinator for The People’s Choice Awards in addition to other entertainment credentials.

Having spent nearly a decade honing her craft in NYC, she is now based in California. Traveling often, she chases her muses wherever they call her.  Sarah was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, where she frequently visits.

Awards, publications, and clients include Rangefinder, Daily Candy Kids, Martha Stewart Weddings, Baby Shop Magazine, The New York Times, New York Magazine, The Paper Chronicles, Rock-n-Roll Bride, The Knot, Prix de la Photographie Paris, Citibabes, Wondertime, Mommy Poppins, Classy Chaos, Brio, Beach Blvd. Bride, Stationery Trends, Ode Exchange, Goodkin, Urban Baby, A Child Grows in Brooklyn, The 3six5, Glamour.com, Sephora, CW network, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Photo credits, top to bottom:

Ernst Bruening

Heather Mariano

Youssef Kerkour

Gary Ashley