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On Location: Family Photo Shoot in SF

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San Francisco


A question I get asked a lot is whether a mini session can really be enough time to get good photos.

When I was first starting as a photographer, I studied the great artists of street photography — like Henri Cartier-Bresson, and war photography — like Robert Frank. I wanted to understand how to capture “decisive moments” with little or no control over the scene other than how quickly I responded to what was happening and how I framed it.

This technique completely shaped my shooting style, and now I can get results very quickly. While I do think there is something to be said for the process of a photo session lasting an hour or more in terms of capturing variety and the passing of time, I can definitely get results in a short time span. In fact, the photos in this post were captured in less than 10 minutes total.

The value of this technique to my clients is that we get great shots even when they don’t have a lot of time. Especially for executives and celebrities, this is crucial! So I’m grateful to my “mentors” whose examples I studied for demonstrating what it looks like to frame quickly and get the shot. That means I can work with clients whose time is limited, knowing that they won’t have to sacrifice quality because of it.