Hello, I’m Sarah.

I’m based in San Francisco, and privileged to serve clients
from all over the world who want the best for their kids.

Our collaborations are more than beautiful photos.
They’re something a child would put in a time capsule,
to rediscover when they’re older.

They’re a scientific experiment, like setting beer to ferment,
knowing rewards will come later.

Childhood was a magical time, when each of us knew our
inner world immediately. Young people provide the gift
of reminding us of our connection to that inner world.

Art you happen to be in.

I want to make flattering portraits that highlight your best qualities,
and every photo shoot will incorporate that goal. I also want to hear
your ideas about what shots you’d love to have in your collection.

We’ll see what comes together creatively when we show up and go with the flow.
The light, the background, and the energy of the moment
will all contribute. Whatever you feel like that day will be perfect.

We’ll roll with it.

I got my start in NYC, and have been a photographer full-time since 2005.
Now I’m based in San Francisco and travel regularly for my Family Photo Tour.

I’m grateful to have worked with and been recognized internationally by many
prestigious organizations, publications and brands. Have a look at some of them here:

photographer Sarah Sloboda in San Francisco

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photography of Sarah Sloboda: © Gary Ashley 2017