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3 Cold-Weather Photo Shoot Ideas

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Paris + Normandy, France


Winter isn’t the most obvious time for a family photo session, but after the holiday craziness dies down, a lot of families find it easier to schedule. Many of my clients opted to send photo Valentines this year, if they failed to make the Christmas and New Year’s cards deadlines. In case you’re worried about pink noses and making layers work, I put together three concepts for inspiration from photo sessions I did in France this winter that prove it to be a wonderfully creative season for a shoot.

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Swap + Chop

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San Francisco


Swap + Chop was a cool event conceptualized in the sharing economy to solve a common problem: Kids get bored with toys quickly, and yet parents don’t want to keep accumulating toys.  Combine a toy swap with the fantastic skills of the stylists at Revamp Salon, add photography, and voila! Amazing results, from a really fun day.

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