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Delights: Admire, Decorate + Make

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Henri Cartier-Bresson is one of my photography heroes, and yet I didn’t know much about his personal life. In regards to art, I have been known to [controversially] say something along the lines of, “I like the work. I don’t need to know the artist because it’s my experience of the work that matters.” But when I read that Cartier-Bresson and his wife Martine Franck were both photographers, I became intrigued by the idea of these two artists’ lives being documented by artists they equally admired. Read More

Travel Journal: Europe on a Holga

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Shooting crisp, vibrant digital photos for clients day in and day out sometimes makes me crave a more raw, dark, vibe-y feel. I like watching indie films and listening to indie music, finding inspiration in the sense of being on the edge of something, admiring the unpolished and the perfectly flawed.

Whenever I travel, I take some plastic cameras along with experimental films like the Lomo Redscale film stock I used in my Holga in this series of photos in Europe over the course of the past several months. These images are a pretty stark contrast to the bright family portraits I’ve been taking in California lately. Their moodiness reflects some of that indie feel I admire in other mediums.

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