Hello, I’m Sarah Sloboda.

I have a unique approach to story-telling photography. I love blending that with the special essence of a company to make images that will resonate with their best clients.

An invitation.
Attention is the new currency. People value where they place their attention. As opposed to “attention-grabbing” marketing that affronts their inclination to protect their headspace, my approach is to invite people into your world with artistic photography that jives with their reason for visiting your page. I want to help you provide a clear signal to clients who align with your values, that they have arrived to right place, and it’s safe to rest their attention there for awhile.

Improvisation-inspired reportage and portraiture.
Drawing from classic street photography and photojournalism, my photo shoots are based in improvisation. After taking the time to understand your goals and get the vibe of your brand, I let the authenticity of the moment participate in the magic of creating images that convey your essence.

Clear package options.
Booking a photo shoot for your brand can be a daunting experience if there are too many variables. So, I created a few starter packages with straightforward parameters which you can easily book online. You can also add on customizations to those packages, or if you already know exactly what you would like, contact me for a custom quote.


Cleveland Area Photographer

I got my start in NYC, and have been a photographer full-time since 2005. After digitally nomading for awhile, I landed in San Francisco, before returning to my hometown of Cleveland in 2020.

I whole-heartedly recommend Cleveland as the location for your production. It provides picturesque seasonality, and a laid-back environment that lends itself perfectly to low-stress photo shoots. All package options booked through the online calendar are for the Cleveland area only.

If you are unable to have your photo shoot here, please reach out and share your details and time frame, and I will reply with availability and a custom quote.

I’m grateful to have worked with and been recognized internationally by many
prestigious organizations, publications and brands. Have a look at some of them here:

Sarah Sloboda Cleveland photographer

How to Connect

If you represent a brand and would like to talk about your next campaign, please email me for a consultation.

Private Commissions

If you are interested in booking a privately commissioned family photo shoot, or creating a Family Photo Event for your organization or social club, click here.


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top photo of Sarah Sloboda by © Samantha Tyler Cooper
bottom photo of Sarah Sloboda by © Gary Ashley