March 28, 2008
Modeling for Angela Cappetta

It was like my 17-year-old-dream-come true! Renowned documentary-style photographer, and dear friend of mine, Angela Cappetta did me the honor of photographing me. When I was in high school and in the beginning of college, I had always wanted to be model, but ended up pursuing a career behind cameras instead.

It was interesting to have a chance to be on the other side of the camera – you really do have to concentrate to be a model! Thank goodness I’ve been doing yoga, because you have to have excellent posture, and they ask you to stand in all kinds of bizarre manners. It really was tiring! I’m not just saying that to be in agreement with popular modeling reality TV shows.

We had great talent on this shoot in addition to Angela, and I want to thank Nan who did make-up, Emily the stylist, and Enrique the art director who helped round out a talent-packed collaborative team. I felt beyond glamorous, thanks to all of their efforts and skills.

Angela was as much a blast to work with as she is to hang out with. Her fun, easy-going manner and general hilarity kept me in good spirits as I was poked, prodded, belted, mascara’d, and glossed over and over. I loved watching her work with her personally-fangled camera-mounted bulb flash (with diffusive-cap). It was so inspiring! And, it is part of art school to have to model for someone else’s project from time to time, so it fit right it with my endeavor to educate myself.

These photos are the copyright of Angela Cappetta, and may not be used in any way without express written consent. (Click on her name to view her website.) Thanks to Angela for making this whole shoot come together, and for letting me post the photos in my blog!

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