May 13, 2010
New Endeavors

It’s possible you’ve noticed that the University of Sarah isn’t updated as frequently as it once was, and if that is the case, I wanted to be sure to offer a sense of where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to!

As it turns out, I have been sharing my expertise in new forums, and am very excited to share them with you in the context of other online platforms (outside my own blog).

First of all, I began a regular contribution to A Child Grows in Brooklyn – a wonderful resource for parents, particularly those based in Brooklyn, New York, but serving savvy parents everywhere. My segment is entitled, “VEEPS,” A Child Grows’ special nickname for parents, which features photos of moms and dads, along with their likes and insights, which I glean in a brief interview accompanying our shoot.

Next, I have had the honor of getting to know Goodkin – located at This site rocks for modern parenting! A month ago, Goodkin featured a story on my family photo-taking tips, and next week, they be posting a story I wrote called, “A Child Photo Shoot in Nature.” Look forward to more of my work on their site in the near future!

Last but not least, I got to write the May 14, 2010 entry for the3six5 project – in which one person writes about his or her experience for each day out of a full year. They also let me feature one of my photos – since it related so perfectly to the story I wrote for the project.

Enjoy these contributions, as I branch out from my home-base, and as always, I welcome any feedback.

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