August 3, 2010
What are our children trying to teach us?

Are you enjoying and engaged in your own life the way your child is? Or, do you feel that sometimes the moments are just slipping by you? Are you simply trying to raise your kid, or does the thought occur to you, that this child came into your life to help you overcome your own shortcomings?

Look closely. What is it you love most about your child? Her soft skin? Her crystal eyes? Or is it something contained within her, which comes through in all of her features, something that you know, deep down, must be contained in you, too?

The love we have for our children is a deep and primal love that allows us to glimpse our potential, feel the true depth of our power, and acknowledge our own life force.
Allow me to make some mementos of that significance – photographs you will want to display and look at for long periods of time. Rather than grasping at those fleeting moments in your day, full of distractions, as one second gives way to the next, days turns into weeks, and months into years, you can hold them up, cherish them, and allow them to influence you for the better.

Notice the astounding effortlessness with which your child honors her own life, and the presence of those who love her. See the way she looks at the world, as a place for discovery and learning. Relish her unabashed delights, and her freedom to express her emotions, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

I create photos of children, not just so you can look back at when they were younger, but also to provide you with the opportunity to look more freely and deeply at your own life, now. It is my way of honoring the child in all of us.

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