May 11, 2009
Your Life is Important.

On Friday, I was walking over the Williamsburg Bridge, listening to some beautiful piano music on my iPod, and thinking about the way myself, and other small business owners that I know, have wanted to keep our clients’ spirits up in the midst of the economic recession by focusing on the positive. We share thoughts of optimism and thriving, and try to uphold a sense of expansion for the clients we would like to serve at this time – to stand in a place of abundance, and allow that to attract to us the clients who are ready to have us serve them.

The wind was soft and beautiful on the bridge, the sun was shining, and I could see movement all around me – people walking and riding bikes past me on the walkway, cars and trucks below, and the East River below that; cars on FDR drive and so many building housing so much commerce in the distance. I have always loved New York from this perspective – the sheer mass of so much going on at once has always been a beacon of what humans are capable of.

In that moment, I asked myself, “In the midst of all this financial worry, what am I, and my clients, truly longing to hear?” Was it “to thrive” or “be optimistic”? Actually, no. On a deeper level, I could feel that I needed more reassurance before I could find the strength to embrace positive action – I needed my fears to be acknowledged first and foremost. What I needed to be reminded of, and I am here to remind all of my readers is this:

In light of actual change in income, savings, or net worth, or even just the all-too-tangible threat of any of these things, people are now reconsidering what is important in life. Perhaps you have been brought to question your need for certain possessions, or desires. Perhaps you are considering changing career paths. While all of this change and uncertainty can be very exciting – it is also natural to feel ungrounded and insecure in the face of potential change.

As a community, we are being asked to stretch right now – to consider ideas and options we never have before. We live in one of the most abundant, developed, quality-enhanced times on the planet, and are on the brink of even greater break-throughs. Naturally, this would feel like a threat to our egos and psyches, whose cooperation would help bring drive and determination to the deeper calling of our hearts and souls. To foster that cooperation, I suggest that each of us take time to remember that as an individual, “your life is important.” It really does make a difference to this planet if you follow your dreams, if you allow your creations to come forth.

Perhaps you don’t need as many expensive pedicures as you thought, or perhaps you have to put off purchasing that new car, and of course, in being forced to come up against the limits of your current financial situation, you would feel defeated on some level. But it is not for naught – this is an opportunity to go deeper, to consider what is truly valuable. Start by trying to connect with the idea that your life is IMPORTANT. Define importance for yourself. Then, you will have your own standard of measure by which to decide where to direct your time, energy, and money. By acknowledging your own importance, you will enable it to grow.


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