May 30, 2008

While inside nursing a little cold today, I used Yahoo Avatars to make this cartoon version of myself:
Yahoo! Avatars

What fun! There is something oddly futuristic about making oneself an avatar. If the program to do so had existed during my childhood, I would have had so much fun with it! Perhaps it’s my inner child that is getting such a big kick out of it now…

An “avatar,” is symbolic, graphic representation of a character. The program that offers enables you to select features for your avatar from eye shape and color, to hair, to clothing style. And, through the magic of technology, it combines all of the elements you enter into this “cartoon” version of the person you’re trying to create. I made the one above of me. You could make yourself, your significant other, or some fictional character just for the fun of it. Give it a try!

Here’s the link:

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