May 29, 2008
T-Shirt Success Story – Nashville

My friend Jen just sent me these shots of her from the streets of Nashville, wearing the t-shirt I made for her when she moved there from Brooklyn this past winter.

The “Nashville is the new Brooklyn” shirt is a one-of-kind variation on the “California is the new Brooklyn” design I created, which is available for sale online by following this link to

Jen tells me that the Bluebird Café, which she is standing in front of in these photos, is a famous Nashville place of discovery for musicians and bands. I haven’t been to Nashville in awhile, but I remember that it was really fun! Jen went to college there several years ago, and I paid her a visit.

Jen also tells me that her Nashville friends are jealous of her t-shirt. I don’t know how true that is, but it’s a pretty big compliment, so I’d like to believe it! Jen is also a photographer, and spent some time traveling around Europe, as well as shooting an amazing portrait book called “Faces,” for her church. You can check out her work by clicking here: Personally, I think Jen has an amazing knack for product photography, which you can especially see in her website sections called “places,” and “things.”

Photo credit: Anonymous Nashville Correspondent.

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