March 31, 2010
Baby Photo Tip #2
Act normal.

Ever notice how trying to get your child to make a certain face through encouragement often leads only to a loss of energy on your part, and not very successful photos? I recommend taking the pressure off completely, so that by the time the child is four or five, she still acts natural in front of the camera, instead of taking on the habit of needing to force a particular face. Yes, this means you sometimes get serenity, seriousness, or even frowns, but it teaches your child that she can be herself while the camera is out, and no special facial contortions are required.

Let’s be honest. Your kid is incredibly smart, and can tell when you are up to something unusual, and will respond in kind. Even though you are laying on the ground, or contorting your body in some strange way in order to get the shot you are looking for, breathe normally, and exude confidence that what you are doing is not out of the ordinary. This also leaves room for spontaneous joy to unfold, and you’ll have the camera ready to capture the most genuine smiles possible.

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