March 31, 2010
Baby Photo Tip #3
Find a rhythm.

Put on some music! Try creating a little portrait session in your living room with some music on, and notice how the music creates a flow for both you and your little subject. I recommend the Beatles or a live jazz recording from the 1960s or classical music – something you will enjoy more than the latest Elmo song – because it’s as important for you to find a rhythm with the camera as it is to amuse the baby. Allow the flow of the music to inspire you, and follow the instincts that surface about the moments you feel inclined to press the shutter. Over time, you may find you can achieve this rhythm outside with the birds chirping, or with no music at all.

Finding a rhythm while behind the camera is a very personal experience, and each camera brings its own challenges for doing so. For instance, many point-and-shoot digital cameras have a delay between when the camera’s shutter is pressed, and when the actual photo is captured. The best advice I have for this, is to keep shooting, and keep paying attention – you can learn the timing of any camera, with patience and practice.

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