March 31, 2010
Baby Photo Tip #4
Repeat after me: “I meant to do that.”

Many a trick of the trade were developed in quite a surprising way – by mistake! Don’t try too hard to “get it right” because taking risks and being uncomfortable are the very things that will help you learn. Edit slowly at first, taking time and going through all the photos you’ve shot, and try to notice what captured moments create a sensation of some kind – good or bad. Take note of any photos you too quickly try to discard because of an imperfection; within them may lie the seed of something special.

Experiment with your camera settings, and when you get a shot that is strange or unusual in some way, own it! By noticing the results of your explorations, you are learning how to achieve different results. Even if the shots are flawed, you are learning to have some control over the way the shots turn out, and you are doing it in your own, unique way. Over time, you will use your favorite “shortcuts” to achieving desired results, and this will develop into a style that is yours alone.

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