February 25, 2010
Broken Glass

This glass was a gift from a restaurant owner, not far from the marketplace in Rome, near where my friend Rachel used to live. The owner was charming and extra attentive, as we were the only guests in the tiny restaurant that evening, and he seemed amused to hear us carrying on in English. Rachel had explained to him, “My friend loves your glasses!” And the owner insisted that I take one home with me to America. Why did I love it so much? Well, to be honest, it was the name of the restaurant and the logo imprinted on it, Il Picolo Grande Chef, which literally translates to mean, “The Little Big Chef.” I mean, how cute is that?!

The glass was laid to rest this week, after an untimely incident in the sink. It will be missed, and its memories never forgotten. Luckily, I still have the dessert plate with the little brown Scorpion imprinted on it, that Rachel scored for me from Il Scorpio.

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