January 19, 2016
Custom Valentines


Most parents have approximately 47 gazillion iPhone photos of their kids backed up in a folder somewhere on their computer. (Yes, that’s a real figure.) Why do we snap all these photos, and store them? What drives it?


I believe they help us connect with something. They help us remember, cherish, and ponder. They give us perspective when someone is having a temper tantrum. They show us the similarities and differences between ourselves and our parents and grandparents and ancestors. They give context to our lives, and they give us a story to communicate.


I document all of my travels, birthday parties, visits with friends, and everyday cool things I see. Believe me, I understand the urge to hold onto it all, for later processing. And for show and tell.


Part of what happens when you’re a pro is that you understand that some works are worth elevating. The light was just right and the emotion was just perfect, and somehow it really feels like something when you look at that shot. I’m sure you feel this way about some of your iPhone shots. (And I hope you feel this way about shots I’ve created for you. That’s my job!) People now have a bit of experience with elevating a shot. “That would make a great profile pic.” “Ooh, I can’t wait to share that one on Instagram.”


I want to share more ideas to elevate choice photos. For instance, sending tangible cards is nothing short of a delight for people these days. Who doesn’t love getting mail that’s not junk? Especially for Valentine’s Day, which is such a funny holiday. Waiting for something loving or romantic to happen that day can feel weird and contrived. Why not provide that loving something for someone, and spend your day picturing people smiling as they open their mailbox?


Be the source of smiles on people’s faces, the same way your kids do it for you. (Sometimes.) Mango Ink created this fab new collection of designs using images I shot for clients in Paris, London, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. And, Mango Ink is rad because they let you customize things like font size and colors. That means you can make it exactly as you want it to look in print. Kind of like using Instagram filters, but with your very own design team.


Need new photos worthy of a valentine? If you’re in the Bay area, you can book a session with me by February 1st, 2016, with time to get them turned around before Valentine’s Day.

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