April 15, 2020
Fine Art Prints

new york family photographer

The Art of Memories

I absolutely love paper. I commission custom stationery every year, and I test out new paper stock for printing photos whenever one catches my eye. So whether you’re a paper snob, or just wish someone would recommend high-quality options for family photo prints, this post is for you.

los ángeles family and kids photographer
Silk Finish


One of the hardest things to convey in a digital image print quality. But I wanted to showcase two special print options to encourage you to order something beautiful to hold in your hands. Look carefully to see if you can notice the textures. If you don’t see the detail you’re looking for, email me and I can provide higher resolution images.

detroit family photographer
Matte Textured

Fine Art Prints

The images my siblings and I remember from our childhood are the ones that were enlarged and framed. Printing images and displaying them in your home or in an album helps get them off your hard drive and into your family’s lifelong memory bank.

cleveland ohio family photographer
Matte Textured

Ordering prints through me provides you with timeless, fine art quality, and a full service experience to ensure proper image handling and any customization you require.

family photographer

Matte Finish Textured Prints

For the past year, deep matte finish prints have been my absolute favorite. The images seem to seep right into the paper, giving them a rich velvety look. They are wonderful for displaying in a stand, unframed, where the matte texture is noticeable, or framed for a refined look.

Cleveland family and kids photographer
Matte Textured

Silk Finish Prints

Recently, I tried a “new” finish called silk, that surprised me in that it didn’t appear new at all! In fact, it reminded me of the Sears portrait studio prints of my siblings and I from the 1980s. It has a wonderful geometric texture when viewed at an angle, and a sturdy strength that will make you feel confident in the print’s longevity.

santa monica family photographer
Silk Finish

Custom Print Orders

If you’d like to order your favorite shots as Matte Finish Textured Prints or Silk Finish Prints, you can use these links. Or, email me to set up a complimentary phone consultation so we can customize your order.

If you aren’t sure which images you would like to print, and would like to have your archive migrated to my new online proofing site and storefront, click here.

midwest family and kids photographer
Matte Textured

A note on Sustainability: I believe that printing heirloom quality family images is an important way to record your family narrative. And, off-setting the carbon footprint is important to me. I communicate regularly with my labs to make sure they know I want them to continue to reduce packaging as much as possible. Every purchase my clients make plants a tree through One Tree Planted.

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