July 17, 2011
Inspiring iPhoneography

Modern technology is fascinating in its speed of evolution, out-dating itself faster than ever before. Even as I upgrade my professional photographic equipment, noticing how much faster and better-quality-producing cameras have become, I find myself enamored with how something as small as an iPhone can produce creative results.

All of the images in this blog post were created on my iPhone, using a variety of vintage-inspired photo apps, like Instagram and Hipstamatic.  What I love about iPhoneography is the ability to record inspiring visuals as they appear, while going about my day, while traveling, or when taking a break from my desk to create still lifes in the living room.  The ease of creating unexpected results gives my inner artist the thrill of play, while inspiring new work, at the same time.

I have been posting photos from my life’s meanderings on Instagram for awhile now.  You can download Instagram for your iPhone free, and follow me (username: sloboda) by exploring the options at this link: Sloboda’s Instagram feed.

Recently, my friend and colleague Kirsten Alana had lunch with me to discuss iPhoneography, and she was kind enough to give me some tips.  Kirsten (featured below, in the sunglasses) teaches iPhoneography workshops around the world, so it was quite a treat to hear which tools she found appealing.  I learned that many special additions to your Hipstamatic bag can be added for free, if you check in weekly for promos.  And, she encouraged me to keep using the “random” function, to get fresh results that I can use as a template for more intentional work later.

Hipstamatic doesn’t have its own sharing service, like Instagram, so I often use Instagram to post results from various iPhoneography programs.  You can also follow me on twitter, as SarahSloboda, if you’d like to be alerted to my photo posts.

Mostly, I post things I see while I’m out making my usual appointments around town, while I’m cooking or arranging flowers, or when I’m traveling, so you will see quite a different array of images than my usual child portraiture.  It gives me a chance to explore colors, textures, landscapes, compositions, and of course, vintage analog photography effects that inform and enhance the ideas I bring to all of my work.

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