April 30, 2012
New York Family Photos – April 2012, Series 1

During my spring visit to NYC, I had the pleasure of doing some wonderful family portraits, including both my traditional photojournalist-style portraiture, as well as my new 3D coverage.  Locations spanned Riverside Park on the Upper West Side to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, and spring was abloom! 

I also had the pleasure of partnering with the gorgeous kids and family shop, Pomme, in DUMBO.  We did mini-photo shoots of their loyal clients who had made purchases the week prior, and they had the chance to order photos online.  This and my next two blog posts will feature photo highlights from my April trip to New York, so stay tuned this week.

The photos featured here are of a 9-month-old baby — 9 months is simply the best age for a baby portrait!  Look how wonderfully expressive she is, yet still snuggly with Mom and Dad.  This child melts my heart!


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