August 24, 2020
Northeast Ohio Home Gardener Photo Project

Northeast Ohio

northeast ohio home gardener photo project

Home Gardener Photo Project

As many American families locked down this spring, they turned to gardening as a home-based activity to give them purpose and hope. Whether one’s shovel first plunged earthwards in 2020, or a family has been gardening for many years, connecting with something steadying and universal has taken on new and urgent importance this year.

northeast ohio home gardener photo project

Statement of Intent

By capturing home gardens and the families who nurture them, my intention is to depict the sense of well-being created through the experience of gardening.

northeast ohio home gardener photo project

Having been born and raised in Cleveland, I wanted to focus the project close to home, to reinforce what’s beautiful about staying in one’s own backyard.

northeast ohio home gardener photo project

Get Involved

To support this project with a donation towards film, processing and production expenses, click here.

If you are a home gardener in Northeast Ohio, or know one, and would like to be considered for this project, please email me.

September Update: I am honored to share that Kodak Professional has generously contributed Portra 400 film to make sure this project continues.


Photos shot on my Canon 6D, with my 50mm lens and my Fuji X-T10 

All images © Sarah Sloboda 2020; do not copy or use without written permission.

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