September 9, 2008
Someone Else’s Ceramics

Briefly, I wanted to show off some of the amazing talent of my friend and client, Christina, whose wedding I photographed this year. Christina and I were introduced through a mutual friend, and then discovered that we both take classes at the same ceramic studio – Choplet.

Christina hand-made all of her own centerpieces for her wedding in ceramics. I was completely blown away by the concept of a “modern farm,” that she managed to make both elegant and adorable. At the end of the night, she insisted that her guests take the pieces home to enjoy. She insisted I take one, as well! I was deeply honored by this gesture, and I have Christina’s bowl with the little sheep inside on a special table in my living room.

Plus, I was also lucky enough to get to photograph all of the pieces while I was at the wedding!

The technique she used to make these pieces is called hand-building. (This is as opposed to throwing pots on the wheel.) The bowls are essentially glorified pinch pots – they were literally pinched into shape. And the animals were (most likely, although I didn’t ask!) rolled out with a slab-roller and then cut out, kind of in the same way that you roll out cookie dough and cut out cookies.

I am amazed at Christina’s meticulous care and attention to detail. She puts so much love into her ceramics work, and it really inspires me. Sometimes when I am having a hard time concentrating on my own projects, I think of her work – it appears so focused and effortless at the same time.

And her work is a reflection of her person – beautiful, gentle, distinct, elegant, and nuanced. I am so appreciative of getting to work with and befriend Christina. Thanks, C, for everything!!!

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