August 14, 2008
The Berkshires on Film

I decided to try out some old, grainy film (1600 speed Fuji color and TRI-X b&w;) in my Voigtlander Bessa-R camera while driving around the Berkshires this summer. The advantage to shooting high-speed film (the same as shooting a high ISO digitally) is that you can shooting at faster shutter speeds, and thus hand-hold shots in lower light – or, it gives you flexibility for using a higher f-stop (for greater depth of field). The cool thing about film is that the graininess that comes with these advantages is random – as opposed to digital where it looks noisy, film grain has a classic, artistic look.

Here are a few sights seen in the Berkshires:

1) A river that runs through Williams, MA.

2) Reflection of a church in the window of a building at Williams College.

3) A view of a valley near Lenox, MA.

4) Looking down a hill at a little structure where they make maple syrup (the little building near the trees) at 325 Savoy Road in Cheshire, MA.

5) The farm at what was once Susan B. Anthony’s house.

6) A lake in Cheshire, MA.

7) Little store near Mass MoCA.

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