May 24, 2019
Delights: Kindness, Entertainment

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I’ve been cocooning. That is, spending more time by myself, with my own thoughts.

Some themes that have emerged for me have been self-care and kindness. I’ve found that focusing on being kind to others and being kind to myself are motivated from the same place inside.


And, of course, I’ve also been finding inspiration as an artist during this time. I’m a writer, photographer, and have a degree in filmmaking, so I tend to think of watching movies and shows more in terms of how they can enhance my experience culturally. I’ll watch the same thing over again if I need something mindless to do, rather than put shows I don’t like the vibe of into my psyche. I tend to like thoughtful children’s programming, Masterpiece Theatre, and non-dramatic shows about real estate, so take my recommendations with that grain of salt.

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Here are some things I’ve been enjoying recently you might like to check out.

1. Kinder Beauty Box

The Kinder Beauty subscription box includes entirely vegan and cruelty-free products. Kind for you, and kind for animals! I wrote them and asked about chemicals – a lot of their products are all-natural, as well, but not all, so check if you have sensitivities. So far, I’ve noticed they include things with far fewer chemicals than elsewhere. They’ve set me up with an affiliate link, click here, and if you enter the code BEKINDER at checkout, you’ll get a bonus treat in your first box.

2. Good Omens

On Friday, Neil Gaiman’s new show Good Omens premieres on Amazon Prime Video, starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen. I got into Neil Gaiman’s writing when I read The Ocean at the End of Lane, and was so excited to see the cast for this series when it was announced. This week, my goal is to finish reading Good Omens, the book Gaiman wrote with Terry Pratchett, before the show premieres. Think I can do it? Also, if you don’t have Amazon Prime and would like to try it free for 30 days so you can watch the show, click here.

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3. One Tree Planted

I read that one of the biggest positive impacts we can make for the planet is to plant more trees. But living near the California wildfires made me realize that maintaining forests at a healthy level and in relationship to populations is important. So, rather than buy a shovel and start digging at random, I’ve partnered with One Tree Planted, who strategize reforestation efforts where they are needed most and oversee their execution. Starting this year, every one of my clients’ purchases will strategically plant a tree.

4. Les Misérables 

Having read, studied and watched the show live as a teenager, I didn’t have high hopes for the new series Les Misérables to carry a lot of suspense for me, since I’m already familiar with the story line. But this version by Masterpiece is incredible. The performances are moving and thought-provoking, and the show was so intense, I couldn’t binge-watch it. I had to watch it one episode at a time, like in the olden days. I would think you’ll get so much more out of it if you’ve read the book, but even if you haven’t, this is a worthwhile rendition of the classic. You can support your local PBS station with a recurring donation, which gives you access to Passport, where you can view Les Mis and all kinds of other great programming.

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5. Self Care Company

Self Care Co. makes vegan, eco-friendly candles using soy and natural essential oils. Their candles smell wonderfully soothing, and are grounded in intentions to ease anxiety and help you feel good. You can either recycle the glass containers when you’re finished, or send them back to Self Care Co. to be refilled. I’ve had one of these candles lit my side for the past 2 months, and it’s been such a comfort.

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Hope this month has been inspiring for you, and please let me know if you check out any of these things!

This post contains affiliate links. Opinions are my own.

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