June 29, 2009
Green Website Adventure Tour

My brilliant friend Julie saw my last blog post, featuring a guest blogger, and she asked if I would consider allowing her to do the same. I am happy to oblige!

Julie Gabrielli is an innovative architect, and huge proponent of the green movement in her city of residence, Baltimore, Maryland. She was a writing student of mine during my spring course, “Writing from Your True Voice,” and reciprocally, I was her student in her class entitled, “Your Eco BluePrint.”

Julie and I share a passion for wanting to inspire people both through our creative work, and through our belief in making the world a better place. I have learned so much from her, and have felt that she is a mirror for my own career trajectory, as I strive to incorporate more and more of what truly grounds and inspires me, into the completed artistic work I share with others.

Below is a description of Julie’s upcoming Green Website Adventure Tour, which will help participants explore various measurements of waste and sustainability – making it apparent what changes would be best suited to you as an individual, should you want to increase your environmental awareness and improve your habits. The breadth of Julie’s knowledge is truly phenomenal, and I highly recommend experiencing her teachings for yourself.

The Green Website Adventure Tour – by Julie Gabrielli:

Green websites can be categorized based on the cycle of Awareness, Conservation, and Restoration. Most sites are very strong in one area, and this helps to prioritize what you are looking for.

• Awareness is opening to possibility, increasing consciousness, creativity, arts, meditation, education, and daydreaming. Awareness’s mantra is: “Yesterday: ignorance; tomorrow: negligence.”

• Conservation means putting on the brakes, slowing down, using less. Conservation’s mantra is: “Being less bad.” (Don’t knock it! This is a very important step that cannot be skipped.)

• Restoration is when we rebuild, repair damaged ecosystems, advocate for social justice. Restoration’s mantra is: “We are good for the earth.”

This cycle has no beginning and no end. You can enter it at any point, and each action leads to a deepening of the others. For instance, planting trees is a restorative act that can lead to a great appreciation for the cycles and mystery of nature, which in turn fosters greater awareness.

The idea for focused learning on how to strategically use green websites came out of GOforChange’s recent program, Your EcoBlueprint, which is now available from as a home study course. The Green Website Adventure Tour is a 5-week program that begins on July 15, at 4:00 p.m. Eastern. To find out more and to register, visit the GOforChange website.

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