November 6, 2007
ICA – Boston

I just got the black and white scans back from my visit to the ICA in Boston, and wanted to share a few frames. I thought the look and feel of most of Boston was very “American-Revolutionary-War,” but the ICA really stood out as a piece of modern architecture. The ICA (which stands for Institute of Contemporary Art) was designed by architects Diller Scofidio + Renfro, and presently houses an exhibit by Louise Bourgeois featuring a huge, room-filling metal spider (I walked under it!), and a design exhibit that is essentially a snapshot into present-day design aesthetics. A lot of the design was not an unusual sight to a New Yorker who has access to SoHo shops like Moss, and whose friends and colleagues are modern artists with their nose in everything modern in order to maintain average-level clever quips over cocktails. I did however, come away with a juicy treasure of a lead into future decorations for my apartment – Seattle designer Jessica Smith’s line of ironic wallpaper! (Check out her company, Domestic Element.)

I recommend visiting the ICA because the architecture is elegant and wonderful with a certain Scandavian flair. Also, the view from the wall of windows between the galleries offers the incredible optical illusion of one’s feet protruding out directly over the Harbor. (You can see from the side view that the building does not actually protrude over the water, but through optical convergence when looking down from the 4th floor, it really looks like it does!)

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