July 7, 2009
Pasadena Field Trip

My friends Jerilyn and Peter got married this year, on the 4th of July, and I was fortunate enough to be their pre- and post- wedding event photographer (I got to attend the wedding as a guest!). It had been four years since I was last in California, to shoot the wedding of my brilliant graphic designers, Tracey and Nat Bolton (who did www.sarahsloboda.com). Previously, I had spent a great deal of time there, in my short-lived career in television, whilst helping to produce the 2005 People’s Choice Awards. It was interesting to reflect on that time of my life, as I saw some familiar sights, and some new ones. All in all, I was so happy to be back in California!

I love the sagebrush scent on the desert air, and cool breeze near the ocean. I love driving around, through twists and turns and over and through the mountains. It was a lot of fun being there. I stayed (and worked) in Pasadena, and also had a chance to hit the beach and a fish taco stand in Malibu, as well as pay a visit to one of my favorite places on earth – The Getty Center, high atop a hill overlooking LA. After 6 solid weeks of rain in New York, the remarkably clear sky in southern California was an absolute godsend.

Below are several of the photos I took on this trip. Soon, I will post the highlights from Jerilyn & Peter’s wedding weekend, and you will be able to find their gallery on this page: http://pa.photoshelter.com/c/sloboda/gallery-list

All of the photos in this post were shot on color film, using a Voigtlander make rangefinder camera:

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