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Capturing Childhood Memories

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I love how the lines of this composition come together just so, and the little girl is frozen in the pink space, as if she’s about to splash into a pool of water.

I know parents want beautiful portraits where you can see details and facial expressions, but as soon as I know I have those in the can, I can’t wait to try to get something like this. I feel like I am a “kid’s photographer,” in that I’m really in service to kids. I want their leaps to look as epic as they feel when they’re leaping. To get into the spirit of wonder, and view the world as a kid sees it, so I can record it for them.


As we grow up, childhood seems to fade into the distance, but it was a magical time when we knew our inner world so immediately. I want to make something that these people can look back on when they’re no longer kids, and remember what it was like to be that kid. To bridge the inner world between an individual’s youth and their maturity.

Here are a few more shots from this session: