December 14, 2012
Austin – iPhone Family Portraits

It’s official. I shot a photo session using only my iPhone! 

Okay, yes, it was an impromptu shoot with some friends.  But I did have the big Canon in the trunk of my rental car, and opted to use just the iPhone instead.  I have dreams of a future where I burn my camera bags in an ancient-inspired ceremony indoctrinating my iPhone as my one and only true image-capture method, my neck and shoulders shouting praise for the wondrous device that frees me from lugging equipment…

Truthfully, I doubt such a day is that far off.  I’d like to try a lens adapter or a mountable flash on my iPhone soon, and I think it could be entirely viable as a professional choice with a few more advances in resolution.  In the not-too-distant future, I imagine I’ll be able to store custom, one-touch photo-edits right there on my tiny device, making it totally unnecessary to plug into a larger one and be tethered to my desk for hours and hours of photo editing.

A girl can dream, anyway.  For now, enjoy these fun shots of my friends — we were graced with the most beautiful, sunny, warm November day in Zilker Park, Austin, Texas.  (As a Clevelander now, I can’t emphasize enough how fun it is to use warm and November in a single sentence.)

If you dig the look and feel of these (different from my usual work, eh?), I would encourage you to pop over to my Instagram feed, where there are about a gazillion more photos in my log.  Okay, 1,551.  But still.  And, personally, I don’t know why you’d bother looking at this on the web, since Instagram is such a fun and easy app, but there is a handy link now, if you require such a thing:

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