January 15, 2019
Casting Call: Children Who Arrange Their Toys

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Children Who Arrange Their Toys

For a new photo series, I am documenting vignettes of toys that children have arranged themselves.

Do you have a child who arranges their toys into little configurations?

When I was a kid, I would make arrangements of all kinds of toys, from blocks to Barbie dolls. I used to try to photograph them with a point and shoot camera, which did not have a macro lens. I would get entirely too close to the toys, and the results were vastly out-of-focus and terribly cropped images, only sort of showing the subject matter. My mom used to say, “Sarah, stop wasting film!”

Now that I am adult, I feel I can finally do this project justice, and would like to collaborate with some kids to document their art direction of their toy setup.

Casting Call

Children of any age up to 12 will be considered for the project. Please submit 1-2 snapshots of a recent toy arrangement, and 1 snapshot of your child.

In addition to creating a professional image of the toy arrangement, I will also get a portrait of your child, and ask them to tell me a bit about their toy setup in their own words.

I will be scheduling 5 photo sessions in the San Francisco and/or the Peninsula in February 2019.

You must sign a model release and be willing to have your child’s first name appear with their quote for potential publication. Your child will receive a photographic print of their toy setup for their room as compensation.

Submit your photos via email here. Please put “toy arrangements” in the subject line. Thank you!


I still arrange things – pictured above, the little toy tableau I made on vacation in French Polynesia, December 2018.

If you haven’t seen my children’s photography work before, you can view some recent highlights here.

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