March 26, 2019
Cleveland Photo Shoot Locations

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Cleveland Photo Shoot Locations

Okay, I’m a bit biased as a born and bred Cleveland native, but Cleveland is one of my favorite cities.

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It has everything. Architecture. Green space. Architecture with green space. Every photo backdrop imaginable.

cleveland family photography

Each family is unique, and people change from day to day. A lot of my clients who shot in the Metroparks one year want to shoot in the Flats the next.

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And, the nice thing is, all the options are easily accessible in the “land of Cleve.”

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My Favorite Spot

Probably my favorite area of Cleveland is Ohio City’s Hingetown, in no small part to it being home to my favorite cafe in America, Rising Star Coffee, and the incredible photography museum, Transformer Station.

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I also love the history of the architecture and the natural landscape around Lake Erie and the Cuyahoga River.

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My friend Heather Mariano opened a lovely little play cafe in Lakewood, called Play Grounds, on par with the coolest play cafes I’ve seen in Europe!

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And literally, the brick walls, the old facades, there are endless details that capture Cleveland’s history in and around the city.

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Your Favorite Spot

What’s your favorite spot in Cleveland?

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It’s incredibly hard to choose, isn’t it? I love how Cleveland seems to retain its “undiscovered” vibe; it gives those of us in the know better availability at otherwise over-crowded restaurants and fairly traffic-free cross-town excursions.

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And, if you do want an urban vibe for your photo shoot, we won’t have to attempt to ignore crowds of people all over the sidewalk like in NYC.

cleveland family photographer

I grew up in Old Brooklyn, and have loved seeing the likes of Coffee Coffee Coffee open! So delish.

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Basically, when I’m in town, I drink coffee and eat at all the amazing restaurants. My friends from bigger cities are always surprised when I describe my trips to Ohio. If you want to book a trip to visit Cleveland, please email me and I will give you the full scoop!

cleveland modern kids photographer

But it still seems to be “our little secret,” as natives, and I don’t at all mind keeping it that way.

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Hope to see you in Cleveland!

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