August 29, 2019
Garden Love

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Cleveland, Ohio

Summer in Cleveland is special to me. It’s a lush place to grow plants, and I love the hot, humid weather. It reminds me of the best tropical vacations, and the quiet American countryside both at once.

Garden Love

When I “met” Kaila Jackson on Instagram, I knew I’d found a kindred spirit. She was posting images from her glorious garden, soaking up every bit of summer in Ohio.

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Kaila is an artist and paints beautiful floral watercolors. She created her garden as a place to cultivate her subject matter, and  a wonderful spot to interact with her 2 children.

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As her garden grew, she ended up with such an abundance of flowers, she began to offer a local flower delivery subscription service. When I ordered one of her extra bouquets, I was treated to an overflowing vase of zinnias, roses, fox gloves, her last sweet pea of the season, and so many others I can’t recall all of the names.

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It was such a special experience to get to take these images of her and the kids enjoying the everything that had grown in the area. I was inspired to see how much beauty and joy can come from something as simple as placing tiny seeds in the ground.

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garden kids photography cleveland ohio

Do you garden? My interest is piqued, and I’m excited to try my hand at planting some poppy seeds I ordered online!

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