June 14, 2013
Week in Photos

This Week in Photos is all about downtown Cleveland.  The Fiat and I spent a lot of time there, photographing families, drinking in the cityscapes, and enjoying the restaurant scene.  How was your week?

Doesn’t she seem right at home on the cobblestones?  I loved her dress – it was from the designer collaboration collection at Target.

Once in awhile, I like to throw in an iconic landmark, just so people know we really were in Cleveland.

The staircase and the atrium of the Old Arcade just take my breath away every time – definitely one of the architectural highlights of Cleveland.

Back when my mom worked at a firm in this building, it was called the BP building.  Now it’s owned by Huntington Bank.  That’s the Terminal Tower again, reflected in the window there.

A very good reason to love Cleveland: no traffic.

Look at this guy — just kicking his feet and relaxing under a kiss.

Can’t resist a black-and-white mom-and-baby shot.  Just can’t.

If I had a quarter for each of the oohs and ahhs we got while taking this photo, that would be rad.  Passersby couldn’t handle the cuteness!

Aw, doesn’t this make you want to snuggle?

My trusty Fiat chariot awaited the completion of my work.

What are you up to this weekend?  Hanging out in the city or countryside?

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my week!

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