April 19, 2013
Week in Photos

“Hello, mouse-friend!”  Did you have any fun adventures this week?

Spring was in the air for me, as I edited a few jobs shot in various cities, and did some exploring in Cleveland. Showers mixed with a glorious summer-like (albeit windy) day made for a pretty typical April week in the mid-west. 

It was cold when we shot these family photos in downtown Cleveland, but by the time I edited them this week, things had begun to warm up.  I love the colorful contrast of babies in an urban space.  (Speaking of color, how fantastic is this mom’s blazer?)   Since I grew up in the city, it has special meaning for me to see kids there.  Cities are an endless source of inspiration and wonder; for me it was an idyllic way to spend childhood.

The Cleveland Flea Market was abuzz with vintage vendors, crafters, and how-to demos including the likes of cocktail-making and home-brewing beer.  My favorite exhibitor was Wright & Rede, with repurposed industrial antiques turned home goods.  (I wish I could link to them, but there was no website on their business card!  Hopefully they’ll have one up soon, and I can update you.)

I unexpectedly stumbled upon the work of my friend Brandon of Urban Orchid when I entered the Old School Architectural Salvage shop, where you can purchase an old bowling lane to use as a countertop.  Brandon’s garden-fresh florals accentuated the old wood perfectly.  I just love it when worlds collide!

Suzy Mae, creative blogger extraordinaire, and I had so much fun during her headshot session in Los Angeles, after the BlogCademy.  I loved reliving the vibrant energy she brought to our shoot as I edited these!

I dashed off to the country for one day, where blossoms have begun to bloom, and I even got to bring home a bouquet of daffodils.  Don’t you love that little hand-crocheted ceramic vase?  It was made by Kristen Wicklund.

This is just about the coolest development opportunity in Cleveland I know of — someone creative and forward-thinking needs to buy these gorgeous Victorian buildings in Ohio City!

The West Side Market looked stunning Thursday evening.  I love when the clouds drift off and give way to a brilliant dusk in Cleveland.

Using the rearview mirror of my Fiat to look back at the steel mill.  Hope you’ve had a moment to ponder your week, and thanks for reflecting on mine with me!

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