January 8, 2019
At-Home Newborn Session with Sibling Love

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At-Home Newborn Photo Session

By far, the easiest way to capture your baby when they’re tiny is to book an at-home newborn photo session.

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You may be used to the bedspread and the light in your bedroom – and spending an inordinate amount of time there home with your little one. But when your child gets older, they won’t recall these first tender moments in this space.

So it’s a special way to share your own memories of their first days with them.

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I was 3 and a half when my baby brother came home from the hospital, and I still remember it. There was a huge amount of pride and love at the heart of becoming a big sibling for me.

Different children express emotions at this time in different ways. Some are simply curious. Some don’t want anything to do with the new baby. And some are full of adoration.

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However your child responds to the new baby, it is an interesting dynamic to capture. Over the years, you’ll be able to look at the images and see how the photos did or didn’t predict the way their relationship would unfold in the future.

Here is another example of an older sibling at a newborn session.

at-home newborn photo session

Creativity Indoors

The advantage to booking your newborn photo shoot in-home, besides convenience of not having to pack up everything you might need, is that tender focus of the camera will be precisely on your baby.

The moments when the baby “cooperates” might be few and far between, so it’s great to be a place where you are relaxed and natural, and can provide a soothing vibe.

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If you were gifted any handmade items or family heirlooms, it’s easy to incorporate them into the shots. And, you can show off your nursery, too. All without having to worry about the weather, what the light is doing, or any other environmental issues.

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