January 7, 2019
Neighborhood Family Photos

Bernal Heights, San Francisco

neighborhood family photos in bernal heights san francisco

Neighborhood Family Photos

A stroll around the neighborhood where you live is an ideal way to capture memories for your children. I grew up in the city of Cleveland, and I can still remember lots of little details of the street I lived on. Sometimes I long to be able to see it again, other than in my mind’s eye. But my parents’ didn’t document it much. I think that’s why I’m so dedicated to capturing it for other kids.

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Neighborhood family photos are the perfect way to make sure you have an visual interpretation for your child as they get older. Families move around so much these days, and it’s nice for kids to have something tangible to remember where they grew up.

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Why Film?

A Legacy Session, shot entirely on film, is a great way to create a timeless feel for your family photo session. Film has an ethereal quality, and it reminds me of my own childhood memories. So if you create family photos on film, you’ll give your child a chance to reflect on that fleeting sense of time in their own psyche.

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Some of my clients love the portrait work I do, where everyone is aware of the camera. That style is great for creating holiday cards. But my real strong suit is reportage – or editorial style – photography, where the point is to create images to convey a story.

neighborhood family photos reportage san francisco

I draw inspiration from war photographers and old Parisian street photographers from the 1910s to 1940s. And, when I got started in New York, I shot weddings entirely on film in reportage style. You can see a sample of my wedding work on Rangefinder magazine‘s website.

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I love when families want to utilize this approach for creating images. It’s much more like commissioning an artist than simply hiring a family photographer. And you end up with pieces you can showcase on your walls that art collectors will appreciate.

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neighborhood family photos reportage san francisco

What do you think?

Would you like this style to create art for your family archive? I’d love to hear from you. Come find me on Instagram and let’s start the conversation.

reportage family photography san francisco california

neighborhood family photos reportage bernal heights san francisco

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