May 18, 2018
Date Night

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Date Night

Starting this summer, I’m offering a new photo package especially for couples. I call it, “Date Night,” because it’s about making time for just the two of you.

When I first got my start in photography as a full-time professional in 2005, I shot weddings on black and white and color film. My inspiration came from Magnum-style street photographers, especially the ones that worked in Paris, like Henri Cartier-Bresson.

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Couples Photography

I loved working with couples and telling their stories. Over the years, I came to specialize in family photography because I love conveying the essence of childhood. But every time I do a family session, I try to get some great couple shots of the parents – that’s where some of these shots came from.

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When I work with couples, I like capturing that magic little something between them that makes their connection more than the sum of its parts. Whether or not they have kids or fur-babies, they have their own unique story.

So, the idea behind Date Night is for the couple to show up to a cool spot, dressed to impress each other. I pop in with the camera for a quick photo session, but not exactly like the posed shots you see here. More like a combination of this fresh modern vibe with my old film days of photographing couples. And focusing on natural moments, not necessarily when you’re aware of the camera.

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A sidewalk cafe, park, museum, or even your favorite bar would be a great spot for a Date Night session. I don’t want couples to feel like they need to pose too much, but I’m happy to get a few of these more set-up smiles at the end. What I want is to be a fly on the wall while you try a new cocktail, check out a museum exhibit together, experience the world in the unique way that the two of you do.

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Grab a Spot

You can book your session through this website using the “book now” buttons.

Any questions? Pop me line!

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