March 18, 2013
Defining Rock-n-Roll Photography

It’s actually been quite awhile since I photographed a rock band. But at one point in my life, it was the only thing I shot.

From live concerts to intimate jazz gigs, from publicity photos to album covers, I seemed to be surrounded by all kinds of musicians and trying to bring visual life to their projects.

My passions have always been enmeshed in the free exploration of the world. I found musicians and children to be equally inspiring in that capacity. Over the years, I melded my historically musical approach to photography into the more gentle and innocent world of babies and children. And, I think that’s where my work became unique.

I just posted this blurb about my rock-n-roll photography background to serve as part of my company’s story. What do you think? Are kids like rockstars? I’d love to hear your thoughts, in the comments below.

(Frank Sellman & the Love Rockit Album cover design by Bolton Design. Photo by Sarah Sloboda.)

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