October 11, 2018
Fine Art Photo Pieces

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Prints and Products

So, what will you do with all of those gorgeous family photos?

I imagine you spend plenty of time with digital devices. Having another thing stashed on a hard drive somewhere isn’t the best way to fully enjoy it.

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I do recommend double-backing up your digital files. But I also know from experience that the images that actually get printed are the ones that are remembered. And the ones that become family heirlooms. Click here to download my print and product brochure.

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Fine Art Family Photo Pieces

Right after your photo shoot is a great time to select fine art pieces for your home and office. Carving out the time to make selections might feel time-consuming, but the benefits will last a long time. And, it won’t sit there forever on a to-do list you never get to.

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If you’re looking for something special to hang on your walls, metal and canvas prints are excellent choices.

Whether you you have an old session you never printed or a new one you want to print before you forget, there’s no time like the present! Either way, I am happy to help you get your order in.

Creme de la Creme

My signature piece, the Matted Print Box, is the ultimate way to create a keepsake your family will cherish. These stunning handmade boxes come in your choice of linen. They can be debossed with your family’s name, the year, a monogram, whatever you like.

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Closed, it is a beautiful object to adorn your coffee table or bookcase. Open, it is a fine art experience. Each print is handled individually as you take them out and put them into the box, giving you a chance to spend time with the image. It’s an opportunity to slow down and reflect with a tangible piece representing a moment of your life. Email me to get started on customizing this exquisite piece.

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Gift Items

If you’re shopping for a special occasion, photo gifts are incredibly well-received. Whether you simply want a 5×7 they can frame, or something different like a wooden ornament, you will put a bit of happiness in their heart when you present them with photography. You can order an array of small prints and gift items in my online store.

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Holiday Cards

Don’t forget to order custom holiday cards by December 1st. All you have to do is select your images and design — I’ll mock it up for your approval and get the order uploaded for you.

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Choose from luxury papers like bamboo, linen, or watercolor, and add a gold or silver envelope liner for a little pizzazz. Click here to learn more and place your card order.

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Envisioning a custom piece for you is my specialty. If you have a specific wall space you would like to fill, or if you want something that makes a statement of your unique style, let’s set up a time to speak about custom art photo work.

In the meantime, be sure to have a look at my Fine Art Piece brochure for the finest quality prints and products.

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