August 29, 2018
Holiday Photo Cards

custom holiday photo cards

Achieving Best Card Quality

For many years, I had a number of good online service providers for holiday photo cards and happily shared their info with my clients. Last year, I ordered my own cards from one of those services and was extremely disappointed.

The images were muddy, not crisp in detail, and not vibrant in color. I was unhappy. It’s important me that my images look as beautiful as possible. So, I took the same digital file, and sent it to my own lab — the one I use to provide photo prints to all of my clients. I know press-printing is different from photo printing, but I wondered if the professional photo lab could really make a difference.

The difference was drastic! The colors were richer, more details showed in the photos, and the paper quality was luxurious. I decided right then that my clients should have access to this level of quality and service.


So, now, if you’d like to order holidays, you can place your order directly through me. You can choose from a variety of stunning paper stocks like watercolor and linen, select a matching envelope, and order return address shipping.

custom holiday photo cards

And, best of all, I’ll do all the image uploading and mock up the design for you. All you have to do is make decisions and send your approval – no worrying about how to use a website’s design interface.

To get started, download my holiday card order PDF. You can select a card design from this website. Or, if you have a designer you love, you can send me your own design (5″x7″ 2-sided flat card with 1/4″ bleed). Etsy is a fun place to peruse for downloadable designs, as well!

Plan Ahead

Pro Tip: Don’t be shy about perusing designs before your photo session! It can be a great way to decide on a location and/or color palette for your family’s wardrobe selections. I’m now booking in San Francisco, East Bay,  NYC and LA.

Once you know you’d like to place a card order, drop me an email so I can get the process started. Looking forward to creating beautiful cards for you.

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