April 24, 2018
Flower Power

san francisco bay area photographer

Amateur Floral Design

Do you ever try your hand at arranging flowers? Floral design is intriguing to me. I have often said, “If I weren’t a photographer, I’d probably be a florist!”

Whenever I’m home in Ohio, I play around with the flowers I can find in my parents’ yard. This year, I’m lucky enough to be staying in a place in California where there are tons of flowering trees and plants on the property.

san francisco bay area photographer

Creative Tinkering

I posted a series of videos on my Instagram Stories the other day as I walked around the yard and gathered “materials,” for these arrangements. Did you catch it?

I find a lot goes into my artist’s lifestyle, well beyond the literal practice of photographing families. So, I’ve been sharing things like excursions and creative tinkering.

san francisco bay area photographer

Share Your Ideas

I’ve occasionally taken classes on floral design, but I’m not really sure how I do with it. I just kind of pick things I like together, try to make them aesthetically pleasing, and make sure all of their stems are touching the bottom so they all get enough water!

Do you try this? I’d love to hear your tips for flower arranging at home! Drop me an email, or pop me a note on Instagram.

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