August 19, 2013
Link Love


It came to my attention that some pretty cool sites have recently featured my work and/or quotes.  Thought I’d share the link love!

Family Vacation Critic – These 12 tips will help you make the best of a family road trip.  And it features my recommendation for eating healthy on the go!

Photography Web Marketing – Props to my design and concept team, Bolton Design, for this one — my site got a mention for beautiful typography on a photography site.

Grow – Environmental designer Patty Hume read my book, How to Take the Best Selfies, and took this smashing selfie during one of her field trips!  I love it!!  Have you taken any awesome selfies lately?  If so, please share!!

Magic Camp – The documentary film about the summer camp for young magicians featured a quote from this blog on their press page.  Aww!

She Knows – My work and my tips for taking great photos of toddlers were featured in this helpful how-to article.

The 3six5 – An oldie but goodie — I was invited to share my day as part of this collaborative journal of sorts in 2010.  I stumbled upon it again recently, and had completely forgotten about those weird statue dudes perched on buildings in NYC that day.

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