January 9, 2019
Family Holiday Photos

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family holiday photos christmas tree

Family Holiday Photos

A lot of parents decide to book their family holiday photos annually, around the holidays. This is a great idea especially if you’d like to incorporate your Christmas tree, or other traditions, at home.

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(But it is a family photographer’s busiest time of year, so you will want to book your session well in advance.)

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family holiday photos kids decorating christmas tree

Christmas Traditions

Children decorating the tree (or pretending to) make for a nice moment.

family holiday photos kids looking at Christmas tree

Or, you might want to bake cookies in advance that the kids can decorate during their photo session. This works best in an open floor plan house, where the camera can access different vantage points.

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But whatever you choose, keep in mind that the best images come from traditions that are truly you. So whatever is special to your family, that’s a perfect activity.

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Sometimes families don’t want the images themselves to be about Christmas, but rather simply want a great shot to incorporate onto their annual holiday card.

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I am a big proponent of reportage style photography. Although I understand that parents can want a shot where everyone is looking in the direction of the camera for their holiday cards. (I’m not against doing a head swap or two to make sure you have a shot with good expressions all around. But I try to steer clients towards interest images shot in-frame.)

family holiday photos san francisco

family holiday photos pacific heights san francisco

Your Neighborhood

If you’re having trouble deciding on a location, your own neighborhood is a fantastic backdrop for a photo shoot. Not only will it capture special memories for your kids, but you can share where you live with loved ones far and wide.

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Tell me honestly, do you like a shot where everyone’s smiling and looking for your cards? Or, are you open to an artistic expression of your family? Pop over to Instagram and tell me what you think.

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