February in Boston – Field Trip

Another little excursion to Boston – this time to see the premiere of Kyle’s play, Trigger, in Cambridge – yielded some fun photos, whilst taking in the sights. I had a lot of fun getting this shot of the skyscraper reflecting the clouds, from our 16th floor hotel window.

We also visited the Old North Church, where, as I wrote on the postcard I sent to my parents, “Paul Revere did the lantern thing.” It was pretty cool – it is still a functioning Episcopal church, and all the pews are private little booths with doors on them.

For more photos from the latest trip to Boston, visit my flickr site! (Coming Soon.)

Ceramics, Part III – Glazing Experiments

Above are sets of images I took of several of my ceramics pieces (you can click on the images for a larger view – use the back button on your browser to get back here). Most of them were completed during my 8-week session at Choplet ceramics studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this winter. (The two plates at the bottom were made during a shorter class I took last April at Brick House in Queens.) It was such a great learning experience! My favorite part was experimenting with various glazing techniques – I was guided in this by my class instructor at Choplet, Damien, as well as my friend Christina. Christina showed me how to use an oxide to create the really cool effect on the funky little incense burner (third one down), and served as a general adviser as I scrambled to get all of my glazing experiments into the kiln by the end of the last class.

Official T-Shirt Design Store

My t-shirt designs are now available for purchase through this really fun site called Zazzle. I am excited to create new ones, and to learn more about typography in the process.

It is so amusing to me to notice the solidity a line or phrase takes on when imprinted on a shirt. It becomes ironic, fun, important, larger-than-life, and smile-inducing all at once.

Perhaps now, I will dig up all the little notebooks I carried around to fill with clever lines I heard at the ad agency (where I used to work with the likes of Mitch Silver, author of In Secret Service), and amongst my bohemian friends. Finally, a canvas for all that fodder!