Recently, a colleague of mine said, “I’ve noticed you’re saying ‘no,’ a lot.”

The striking thing was, she meant it as a compliment.

You’ve had those moments when you’re just not sure what you want to do with yourself, right? Is this job right for me? When should I start / expand a family? Where should we go on vacation? How did that annoying piece of decor manage to come with us when we moved? Should I start / change an exercise routine? What is that random object on my desk?

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Send me a photo caption!

I am doing an experiment to foster creativity in myself and the readers of this blog. That means you!

Please send me a photo caption – for a photo that doesn’t yet exist. It can be anything – a person, place or thing, or something more ethereal. It can be abstract or specific, leading or obscure. For example:

– “The Silliest Kid in the World”
– “Adventure Walk”
– “Looking for Transformation”
– “Awakening Delight”

Post your caption to the wall of the Sarah Sloboda Photography facebook page. I will select the captions that most inspire me, and try to capture the essence of your caption. You can keep up with this experiment on the Sarah Sloboda Photography facebook page – and if you’re not already, be sure you’re currently a fan.

Send me a photo caption!

Blinking Yourself Wise

I blink. I wonder, how many times in a day? When I was 15, I had a boyfriend who was looking in my eyes one day and said, “You blink a lot.” So, perhaps I blink more than the average person.

When I blink, information seeps in. Not visual information from the outside world, but information from the inside. Maybe from inside my own head or my own heart. Maybe from some unknown inner world I wouldn’t begin to explain here, as there are many other more gifted and credible resources on the unknown.

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