Anika’s Song

My Dad’s a musician, and when my niece and nephew were born, he composed songs for them.  They’re not babies any more, but my Dad still plays their songs on the piano, so I decided to make music videos.

This is my darling niece’s song.  Isn’t she a sweetie?

Anika’s Song from Sarah Sloboda on Vimeo.

Hooray for Hollywood – Kids in LA!

It’s winter here in Cleveland, and I am having the best time reliving my January journey down the coast of California through this blog.  I mean, the California sunshine — it just won’t quit!

Los Angeles is a fascinating place.  Everywhere you go, you feel the energy of show business.  Even though movies themselves are now often shot elsewhere, the romance of the term “movie star,” still springs to mind in the hopes of sighting our favorite Hollywood celebrities.

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Welcome to Gattaca

In 1998, Andrew Niccols’ film Gattaca (from the year prior) screened in my college-required biology class, and my life was never the same.

That’s only a slight a exaggeration. Science fiction inspires me because its stories are based on things that scientists are actually exploring in the present, making it totally conceivable that the suspension of disbelief is a logical endeavor.

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Worldwide – 2013 Family Photo Tour Launch

2012 was an amazing year! Via my #familyphototour, I traveled to New York City (8 times), Seattle, Connecticut, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Quebec City, Vermont, Chicago, Houston, and Austin. I also had a blast photographing families in my new/old hometown of Cleveland, especially the super energetic session I had with family-centric restauranteurs Jonathon & Amelia Sawyer (pictured above), owners of Noodlecat and Greenhouse Tavern.

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