Fine Art Prints

new york family photographer

The Art of Memories

I absolutely love paper. I commission custom stationery every year, and I test out new paper stock for printing photos whenever one catches my eye. So whether you’re a paper snob, or just wish someone would recommend high-quality options for family photo prints, this post is for you. Continue reading “Fine Art Prints”

Vacation Photo Album Design

family vacation photo album

Your Vacation Photos

Every trip has a story. Sometimes it meets our expectations, but often it takes us on tangents we’d never have imagined. Tiny moments of connection and newness change who we are, and go on to live within us. Photos help us remember those moments when travel made us new.

If you’ve got a huge chunk of vacation photos on your phone that have been nagging you to do something with them, now is your chance. Let me help you craft them into a book that tells your story. Continue reading “Vacation Photo Album Design”

Garden Love

ohio lifestyle photographer

Cleveland, Ohio

Summer in Cleveland is special to me. It’s a lush place to grow plants, and I love the hot, humid weather. It reminds me of the best tropical vacations, and the quiet American countryside both at once. Continue reading “Garden Love”