Delights: Shop Small 2015


In gathering some of my favorite small businesses for this post about shopping small during the holiday season, I realized that my entire list is made of brands that are run or co-run by women. So, I can proudly say, that I not only recommend supporting these endeavors for all of the economic benefits of shopping small, you’ll be supporting women’s enterprises, as well. 

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Delights: Summer Entertainment


It’s not every summer that I get a chance to lay by the proverbial pool, but this summer I spent 3 days in Miami — doesn’t get hotter than that! I took laying by the pool quite literally. During all of my travels this season, I’ve had lots of flights to read and watch things. These are some of my recent favorites for your summer enjoyment. Continue reading “Delights: Summer Entertainment”

Delights: Admire, Decorate + Make


Henri Cartier-Bresson is one of my photography heroes, and yet I didn’t know much about his personal life. In regards to art, I have been known to [controversially] say something along the lines of, “I like the work. I don’t need to know the artist because it’s my experience of the work that matters.” But when I read that Cartier-Bresson and his wife Martine Franck were both photographers, I became intrigued by the idea of these two artists’ lives being documented by artists they equally admired. Continue reading “Delights: Admire, Decorate + Make”