Let Thy Blog Be Thy Medicine

Today, I realized what deep gratitude I have for the fact that I have this blog to share with all of you who are reading it.  Thank you for doing so!  Often, as artists, we make compromises between what our intuition might tell us about a project, and what a client tells us they want.  Of course, the client’s desires are at the forefront of our concerns — otherwise we couldn’t stay in business.

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Caption This – Baby Lambs

Wait, “baby lambs” is redundant, isn’t it?  Well, in any case, you can see why I gave the blog that title.  When I first posted this image to Instagram, I gave it the caption, “Mexican Jumping Sheep.” 

Think you can do better?  Post your caption in the comments below!  You might win a mini print.

Low-Fi – Using Retro 110 Film Today

Part 1 – New York City

When I was in New York this past fall, I paid a visit to the Lomography store in the Village, and decided to reincorporate an oldie but goodie into my repertoire.  Remember 110 film from the ’80s?  The first camera I ever used as a child was a plastic point-and-shoot 110 camera, and my parents would take the film cartridge to the now defunct Revco Pharmacy for developing.

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Your Face is Super Important

LinkedIn is like, huge, now. Although I’ve had an account for years, I didn’t even realize, until recently, what a powerful tool it has grown into. People are frequently telling me they have been recruited via their profile, and that many prospective employers peruse LinkedIn for viable candidates. And, in a recent newsletter, Daily Worth reported that profiles with a photo are seven times more likely to be viewed than profiles without one.

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