The BlogCademy Recap

The world is changing.  I know, it’s always changing.  No biggie.  But, I think this is an especially fascinating time to live in.  As someone who studied how Hollywood shifted from a vertically integrated studio system into the form we know it today, and then watched as reality TV, video games, social media, and pretty much anything requiring interaction became the new hot form of entertainment, I love seeing what is going on in terms of the way we take in information and get our daily dose of amusement. Continue reading “The BlogCademy Recap”

Adventure is Out There

I love the animated film UP, and its depiction of finding love and connection in unexpected places.  If I’m honest with myself, I’ve always been a little bit scared of “life happening,” and keeping me in one place, as it did to the man in the film.  As change happens all around him, his little house becomes the only quaint thing left in a blossoming city soon to gobble it up.

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Caption This – Blades of Grass


I’m about to post this image to Instagram with the caption, “Blades of Grass.”

Think you can do better? Post your caption in the comments below! You might win a mini print.

Q&A: Panoramic iPhone Shots

This week’s question is from my dear friend Kaytee.

Q: How do I keep the camera steady for the panoramic setting?  Where should I train my eye when trying to keep the arrow straight? -Kaytee M., New York, NY

A: I’m the first to admit, I don’t know everything.  When Kaytee first asked me this question, I didn’t realize she was talking about a function right inside the iPhone camera!  Lo and behold, it’s not a separate app; it’s something that takes advantage of your camera’s full recording capabilities.  And, I spent the weekend figuring it out so I can answer Kaytee’s question for you.

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Photo Q&A

Do you have a question about how to do something specific with your iPhone camera?  Submit your question, and it just might be answered as part of my new weekly feature – Q&A Mondays!

(This iPhone shot was taken in Venice, California while I was in Los Angeles for the BlogCademy last weekend!)

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