KIDS IN SPACE: Documenting the Child’s Perspective of Architectural Design

NO. 3 – Downtown Cleveland

panel commentary

architect  Humans – like all animals – possess an exquisitely attuned spatial sense. Unfortunately, because we are so caught up in own inner worlds, most adults are not very observant. Children instinctively know how to inhabit space. An enormous, ornate space like this one can be overwhelming at first. Wisely, Evelyn holds to the edge, placing herself squarely in the floor pattern that rings the space. While an adult would stride right over it, never noticing the difference, Evelyn senses the power of threshold, even when marked only in the ground plane.   She is captivated by the metal grating, perhaps by the way her own shadow dances on its slender bars. Or maybe she’s curious to catch a glimpse of what lies below.   Evelyn climbs the stairs with determination and daring, delighting in this chance to move vertically rather than horizontally. Each step is huge and must be negotiated with care. The railing is higher than her head yet she gamely makes use of it. Imagine yourself scaling two-­foot high steps clinging to a six-­foot railing! –Julie Gabrielli, Go for Change

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Water Photos

This August, I photographed kids keeping cool by splashing in nice, cold water.  Water is incredibly fun to photograph.  On a slow shutter speed, its motion is recorded, becoming a unique element to the photo in and of itself.  On a fast shutter speed, water is frozen in time, showing its nature in ways we don’t get to see with the naked eye.  

As we start to pile on the layers this fall, I thought this would be a pleasant reminder that everything has its season.  Before we know it, summer will come around again, and we’ll be splashing away.

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Kids Photography in Tremont

Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood boasts some of the coolest backdrops, with all kinds of old architecture and details, amongst tree-lined streets and flower beds.  I am ecstatic to be living here!  Here are a few shots I captured of my niece and nephew as they ran around, when they visited me a few weeks back.  Whether candid or more deliberate, photography in Tremont has all kinds of character.  If you’re interested in setting up a creative family shoot in the neighborhood I now call home, contact bookings.

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